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January 28, 2010

Life has many chapters and words and volumes…issues 🙂  My life is not cut and dry – it’s lived in.  It’s so cliché to say that it’s like an onion, many layers to it…but it’s true.  So, I love my little family – Frank, my husband of almost 10 years and our two sons, Braven and Gabriel.  The boys are the best surprises of my life as I was told for 22 years that I wouldn’t bear a child and now I have two children.  I was 39 years and 10 months old when I had Braven.  We found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving Day the prior year.  I was 42 years and 2 months old when I had Gabriel.  Braven is now 30 months old and Gabriel is 10 weeks old.  We are truly blessed by the beauty of our children and the happiness and joy they’ve brought to our lives.  I love to cook – not bake…just cook.  I have a knack for looking at several different recipes for the same meal and mix it all up and add my own flair based on what sounds like it would go good with the other ingredients and then make it.  If it’s bad it’s ok because I can’t duplicate it and if it’s good I still can’t duplicate it so what’s the point?  Sometimes I can remember and sometimes I can’t.  But it’s all good because I’ll probably make up some new concoction tomorrow that will make you forget the one yesterday.  🙂

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